Custom Design

 Tim Seymore is committed to building the finest home that your budget allows. He is an established builder with a team of architects, engineers, and sub contractors that specialize in building exclusive homes priced from $350,000 to $5 million. He gives attention to technology inside the home with standard features like a structured wiring package that provides multiple-use outlets for home computer networks, the internet, custom media rooms and an array of home automation devices.

 For more information see the excerpt below from Better Homes and Gardens:

 To get the most out of today's electronics, builders recommend installing Category 5 (Cat-5) twisted-pair wire for voice and data transmissions and RG6 quadshielded coaxial cable for video. Though more expensive than traditional wiring, these conductors are better able to handle the demands of high-speed transmissions -- resulting in less interference and clearer reception.

 An integrated home network consolidates all your wiring. Instead of many separate wires (for power, telephone, cable or satellite TV, computer, and so on) all daisy-chained through your walls, a network puts everything you need in a single, central hub. Wire then runs directly from this hub to each room, where modular outlets provide access to services.