Our Commitment to You

 We take great pride in building the highest quality custom homes to satisfy your individual needs. To achieve this, we maintain a builder / client direct-contact relationship throughout the building process.

 It is important to know and understand each other from the beginning of the process. That is why we perform an extensive pre-construction analysis.

 During this analysis, we will review all aspects of the building process including costs, schedules and financing to create a clear picture of the entire project. When each person knows what to expect, there is less room for error or a misconception.

 Most people will tell you it is important to find a builder that you can work with through all aspects of the building process. At Tim Seymore Custom Homes we agree.

 We believe that the work done prior to construction is most important to the entire new home building experience.

 Working together, we perform an extensive pre-construction analysis based on twenty years of experience in the construction business.

 Together we will review cost budgets and project schedules, in addition to plan design, modification, interior design, financing, lifestyle requirements or any concern that you may have prior to building your new home.